Instructional Design

Psychological Science, published by Pearson

Information design, layouts, templates, photo direction and editing, icon creation for college-level psychology textbook with an emphasis on teaching scientific literacy and critical thinking. Also designed digital supplements including interactive PowerPoint presentations, PsychTutor online tutorial interface and infographics, and icons to link the text to instructor resources on the ClassPrep platform. See all Pearson projects.


To visually convey the scientific process, I chose the theme of curiosity, selecting and editing slightly surreal photographs for every chapter. To complement the photographic style, I used a more web-based style of iconography and diagrams throughout the informational parts of the book, creating a visual language reinforcing the cycle of inquiry, investigation, critical thinking, and application. The introduction to the book introduced these themes that were repeated in all materials.

PsychTutor Instructional Interactives

Designed for desktop, table, and mobile platforms, these original vector illustrations were used in interactive tutorials and games to reinforce difficult concepts.

Houghton-Mifflin MATH Series

(Grades 5–6) Developed content and designs for student and instructor print editions as part of a collaborative multidisciplinary team of editors, designers, and production staff. These books were conceived as half visual, half text. Lessons were required to include literature connections, hands-on activities, real-world connections, and adaptations for different learning styles. In the below pages, we taught fractions using flags, recipes, and framing. 3-d geometry was conveyed through architecture and invention.