I am a designer who puts content at the core of her work, an artist who values clarity, and a writer who uses visuals instead of words whenever possible.

Give me all the information. I will find the patterns and the context. 

I like to know all the technology and forms. Which is the best to say "snow?" Describe the audience, and I'll craft a conversation, take them on a journey, answer their questions, raise new ones in turn. 

Let me weave together a tapestry of information. Text and image. Action if it's a live presentation. Navigation if it's not. Interaction either way. Sound. Touch. Smell. Words that are quick to understand and words that require reflection. Combinations of things that will come back to mind two weeks later in the shower. 

What combination of these conveys not just the denotation of snow but also coolness and color and glaciers and history and potential water and the quenching of thirst? Geometry and crystals and weather and molecules. The weight of shoveling and the grime it collects towards the end of the season. How it muffles sound and transforms a landscape. City vs country snow. Yellow snow. Environmental impact and civil engineering. Igloos and Inuits. The arctic and Antarctica. Snowmen and snowballs and snow angels. Snow as an immersive environment and a manipulative object. It is big and small. Geographic and time limited. It is a white circle, a star, and a symbol of winter. 

Now let's do that for a new router or a nonprofit or compassion.  


prior statements :: the evolution of a career


Originally from the Washington, DC area, and with a double-major in art and philosophy, one of the first jobs I sought out was with the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. That project resulted in my developing an exhibit for the University of Michigan on the history of the ENIAC computer. Consistently I have sought out information-rich, multidisciplinary projects in education and media. The advent of the internets provided a playground of tools and possibilities that just continues to exponentially expand. Since then, I have worked with large and small companies, helping them to clarify their users' experience through the design of their interfaces, information, graphics, exhibits, textbooks, and images. I have worked with materials from most major companies in the US, major cable TV networks, software companies, start-ups, artistic organizations and more. I have crafted imaginative immersive environments that can be navigated in "real" space and time. I have produced digital and live events, built environmental installations, recorded sound installations, written content, and created original imagery. Give me a thorny problem with rich content in all media, and I just get happier.

Skills: visual design, information architecture, interaction, user experience, interface design, illustration, infographics, photo styling and manipulation

Products: web-based applications, informational websites, museum exhibitions, textbooks, digital education, software, online promotions, ads, tradeshow displays, live performance, interactive installations, animations

Clients and Collaborators: Discovery Communications (the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, etc), Pearson and Prentice Hall Educational Publishers, WestEd, The Smithsonian Institution, Bill Kurtis Productions (The New Explorers), Freerange Graphics, Ligature Textbook Development House, OmniPage OCR Software, Northwestern Intelligent Information Laboratory, Local Infinities Visual Theater, CODAME Art+Technology