Prior Statements & Past Selves


2013 November

Everything is philosophy and everything is teaching.

That's the short way to describe my approach. "Everything is philosophy," because everything emerges from underlying belief systems, values, and assumptions. "Everything is teaching" because everything is communication, and communication is only achieved when someone receives and understands the information transmitted. But as any teacher will tell you, people retain information when they have some framework on which to place it. So, to achieve understanding, you need to know something about your audience. You need to understand how they think of the world and what they already know. You need to respect them. Then you can start building a structure to connect what they know with what you want them to know; you can have their attention; you can inspire.

What I love about design is taking things and making them work better. "Working better" can involve a successful conveyance of information, a successful completion of a process, or an enjoyable experience. It can be entertaining, functional, or visionary — or all three at once. 

Design is conscious. Design is a chosen structure. Design is problem-solving. Design is everything we choose to make of our world.