Discovery Channel, Discovery Store, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery, Military Channel, Discovery Fit & Health, Velocity, Destination America

Presentation design, interactive features, icons and illustration, branded and co-branded advertisements, digital and print promotional materials, user interface design and templating.

Discovery Digital Media — Infographic and Icons

BEFORE & AFTER — Redesign infographic for Discovery Digital Media's sales presentation, visualizing their advantages to potential marketers.
The second image shows the original content provided by the client. The first is my redesign. This image provided an overview of the relationship between Discovery and the advantage to their clients, mapped out the entire presentation, and established a consistent iconography and color associations to provide visual cues of location and content. 





Discovery Digital Media — Marketing Presentation

Reconceived, wrote, and redesigned Discovery Digital Media's main presentation to potential advertisers. Breaking with their classic PowerPoint template, I created a brand-compatible highly photographic style. To convey the complex relationships between all of Discovery's properties and platforms, I developed a visual language of color and icons that served both as a map of the presentation and a visual cue to content and location.

Co-Branded Advertising

Designed and developed co-branded advertising for desktop and mobile platforms from 2004 to 2013, including Flash-based animated and interactive units, sweepstakes, bridge pages, micro-sites, mobile units dynamically loading content. Performed all Flash scripting.

Selected Clients:  Air New Zealand, Allstate, Altoids, American Chopper, Amgen, Animal Planet's Croc Week, AOL, Arm & Hammer, Army, BASF, Bing, Bissell, BlackMagic, Body Challenge, Bosch, Bounty,, Cesar Canine Cuisine, Chase, Citibank, Clorox, Coke, Columbia, Crest, Cub Cadet, Curiosity, David's Bridal, Dawn, Delta, Dentastix, Dial, Discover Card, Discovery Health Baby Week, Discovery Store, Dodge, Dove, Dynamic Logic, Dyson, Enbrel, Eukanuba, Fedex, First Response, Florida Citrus, Ford, Frontline, Geico, Gilette, GM, GMC, GNC, Go Hawaii, Hagerty Insurance, Hefty, Heritage Travel, Hydrosurge, Hyundai, Iams, Intel, Jeep, K-Mart, Kat Von D's "Saint or Sinner" Sweepstakes, Kingsford, Kohler, Kraft, Lance Armstrong, Lexus, Lipton, Long John Silver, Loreal, Lumber Liquidators, Macy's, Maker's Mark, March of Dimes, Marriott, Mars, Mastercard, Mercury, Mexico Tourism, Microsoft, Microsoft Media Center, Microsoft Screening Room, Mighty Dog, Miramax Shall We Dance, Monopoly, Mosquito Magnet, MyHometown, National Parks, Navy, Nissan, NOLA, Olay, Oster, Outback, Pampers, Panera, Pedigree, Petfinder Seal of Approval, Petside, Playstation, Pledge, Prilosec, Prius, Proctor & Gamble, Puppy Bowl, PUR, Purina, Push, RadioShack, Raymond James, REI, Ronald McDonald House, Royal Caribbean, Saab, Saturn, SC Johnson, Scubbing Bubbles, Seagrams, Secret , Shark Week, Shell, Shout, Slimfast, Sony Pictures Into the Blue, Sony Pictures Stealth, Sony Pictures The Legend of Zorro, Spam, Staples, Starkist, Subaru, Suzuki, Swiffer, Target, Texas Tourism, The Biltmore, Tide, Timberland, Toyota, Travel Leaders, TriStar Pictures Jump the Broom, Universal Pictures Despicable Me 2, University of Phoenix, Verizon, Volkswagen, Warner Brothers Whiteout, Windex, Wishbone, Xerox

Animated samples: (not available on mobile devices)   
University of Phoenix  |  Dyson  |  Chase  |  Microsoft  |  Hefty   |   HP  |  Acura |  BASF

Interactive Content Features

View panda interactive (not available on mobile devices) 

Conception, design, and Flash programming of web-based content features. 

Animal Planet ran a special feature on the pandas at the National Zoo. As a "charismatic megafauna," pandas attract attention. Protecting the  dwindling natural habitat of pandas also saves all the other animals living in the same habitat. 


Additional Discovery Projects

  • Designed and developed original animated interactive content, including for the pandas at the National Zoo for Animal Planet

  • Created the first Flash-animated teasers for Discovery's home page
  • Iterated user interface designs across all subpages and sites
  • Produced web-based promotional tiles and hero images for Discovery Store
  • Designed print mailers for Discovery Store